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The Remixinhambane Story



How, when and where did all this start?

It all started as Paulo Vumo rushed into Studio Bom Dia in March 2010 in Inhambane, Mozambique with his new song „Ndza ku Rhanza“ and wanted to record it with me. I was just about to leave for the airport to go back to Austria after my holiday. As we had no time to produce the song, I decided to record the vocals with a metronome click in order to finish it when I got back to Austria. Upon my return, I gave the vocal tracks to various musicians and producers and after some time I got two different versions of the song back. They were fully arranged with drums, bass, keys, etc. and of course Paulo´s voice carrying the song.

Project idea

As there are a lot of musical talents in Inhambane, we thought it might be very inspiring for musicians and producers all over the world to receive fresh material for remixing and arranging. Therefore, my friend Roland and I decided to make a project out of this. From our own experience as musicians we know how exciting it can be to have access to a clear vocal track and to use and combine it to create something new.

We offer you complete vocal tracks of songs by artists from Inhambane for you to remix and get inspired by African vibes.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to connect talents from Mozambique with musicians and producers for a mutual exchange of creative and musical ideas. The enthusiasm captured in a vocal track can be very inspiring for producers and musicians in our Western culture, as it is great to collaborate over geographic frontiers with no musical boundaries. The African artists on the other hand, can transport their music into other spheres and come into contact with the knowledge and possibilities of distant producers and musicians. The final result for both sides is a truly unique song created in a special way.

What happens with the remixed songs?

  • Our goal is to release a CD with a selection of remixes produced by our contributors
  • We will promote your remixes via our extensive network. We are looking for labels, distributors and radio stations to spread the music. 
  • If you have any ideas feel free to contact us

Legal notice: We happily offer you the material for downloading and remixing, but please note that it is copyrighted by Remixinhambane. Please refer to the rules in the FAQ using this material, commercial use is prohibited in any case.

Meet the Team



Maximilian Kamenar
Lives in Austria and loves producing music, has a business background and works freelance as an Event Manager and Project Manager for various agencies. He adores everything creative, since 2008 he regularly visits Mozambique and in the meantime going there is like coming back :-)


Roland Pickl
Left Austria for Rock and Roll in Africa. He is Initiator of Positivo Mozambique and loves to play loud and bluesy guitar solos on any stage. Musically he is very active from playing with his band „Laka Laka", composing film music and holding music workshops to sensibilize young people about the risks of HIV.


Nazir Big Baby
Young and talented keyboard player in the band "Laka Laka". Recording Assistent in Studio Bom Dia who helped to get this project going within the very limited time frame. Born in Inhambane City, he knows the local musical scene very well and is a great networker.


Christian Lill-Rastern
A man with many talents and an exceptional sense of humor, he always has the team in great spirits. Christian has worked with lots of musicians as a promotor, manager and producer. A few years ago he founded ideenweberei and offers smart web solutions - he is the perfect guy to build the Remixinhambane platform.


Melita Balaski
It was meant to be that Melita would become the designer for this project. Her passion for music and design inspires everybody around her. Her professional approach focuses the project on the right things, and the whole team is learning new things through this great collaboration.